Smart Keyword Digger – Sneak Peek

It’s been some time from our last post. Main reason ? We really busy finishing our latest software product, our long time waited keyword tool: Smart Keyword Digger.
We had the chance of telling personally to some of you about it when we talked in a Skype session, or in an email or support ticket conversation. All the input that we had over this time has been extremely valuable, and we want to thank you for that.

Today we are releasing a “sneak peek” video, the very first one, of Smart Keyword Digger. In full HD.

Let me tell you briefly why we decided to move ahead with this project, what it is about, and the unique (ant trust me, it’s truly unique) way in which we are going to release it: The Online Business Factory Software Club.

(we recommend that you see this video in Full Screen and 1080p)


Back in 2011 after reading for a long time about SEO, we decided to take action and build a bunch of “niche sites”.
The idea was to:

  • Do some keyword research
  • Come up with a few good keywords about a certain subject/product/service
  • Build a small site (5-7 pages) about that
  • Monetize it with Google Adsense
  • Promote the site to gain free traffic
  • Gain $10/month from each site on average

The first few sites were the hardest ones. And by far the most difficult task that we faced was keyword research. When I say keyword research I’m actually referring to 3 activities:

  • Brainstorming for “seed keywords” (you can read more about this in our previous post on seed keywords)
  • Expanding those keywords into many more, so we can have a larger list to work on
  • Analyze competition of each of those keywords to find a small group with the right balance between the volume of searches (potential traffic) and the likely hood of ranking high for them (let’s say, in the top 10)

In our first 3 sites, we found that:

  • We had a lot of ideas for activity 1, lots of seed keywords
  • Activity 2 was pretty easy
  • We were terrible, and I mean terrible at activity number 3

That’s the truth, we had no clue about how to truly assess the competition for a keyword. We tried to learn some more, and we in fact did learn a lot more, but we came to an obvious conclusion:

Reliable and productive competition analysis is extremely time consuming.

We tried several keyword tools. Basically the market leaders. And we found a clear pattern:

  • They featured nice looking ways of doing what you can do for free with the Google Keyword Tool.
  • They did an average job in analyzing many factors for a single keyword, while taking a lot of time in doing so.

They all lacked of:

  • A clear way of comparing keyword competition levels
  • A bulk approach to analyze lots of keywords instead of picking a few ones by instinct

So we decided to build our own tool. It was thought for “in house” use. We didn’t care enough to make it look nice. We wanted it to work.

So once we had it ready, we decided to resume our niche site building project. We added 22 sites to the 3 already created. We did it much faster and much better than before.

The results

Before September 29th, 2012 we were not at the $10 / month per site average, we were at $ 20. Yes, twice our goal.
After September 29th our earnings dropped to a little bit below $10 / month per site(but always over $9).
Why the drop ? It is now obvious that some of the Google updates hit our sites. We have been testing new strategies since then, and we are planning to create several more sites during 2013, with the same keyword research strategies, although our approach for content and promotion will be much different.

Aside from the niche sites, we have been using our software to do keyword research for technical sites (for our IT consulting business), for clients sites, and for several web properties that we use to promote affiliate products.

The obvious next step

So we realized that if were doing so good by using the software we could indeed create a whole new business by sharing our software with others. In the end, we are all trying to climb our way into the top of the rankings and any help is always welcome. Isn’t it ?

So we packaged our solution and Smart Keyword Digger was born.

The Sneak Peek

So today we are bringing you the first sneak peek of Smart Keyword Digger.
A video of almost half an hour, where you can see the software in action (and in Full HD).
Check how I start from just 2 “seed keywords”, and I go thru the process of expanding them and analyzing competition.

What’s next ?

Smart Keyword Digger will be released in 3 stages:

  • A small group of friends is conducting the beta-testing of the software. To find small glitches and bugs. We are thinking about opening a few extra slots for beta testers, so if you are interested in taking part just let us know.
  • After the beta testing period is over (a couple of weeks), we will release the software to the blog readers and to the customers of the Slideshow Video Maker. We will do that under “early access conditions” (meaning cheaper and sooner).
  • Then, after a few more weeks, we will go to the Warrior Forum with a WSO

The Software Club

I have been mentioning this to some of you in our email and ticket conversation, and even on Skype with a few friends.
Smart Keyword Digger will be the first product of the Online Business Factory Software Club. What’s this ? Ok, this is the main idea. Once you are a member of the Club, you gain access not only to Smart Keyword Digger, but to a lot of software and training that we will be adding to the club.
We are already working on the second software of the club, and it perfectly fits the users of Smart Keyword Digger and the Slideshow Video Maker.
We will also add training for you to build your niche site empire in 2013 fashion.
I will give you much more details in upcoming posts.

How to join the Early Access Program (EAP) ?

If you want to save your spot for the EAP of Smart Keyword Digger, just drop us an email at:

or open a support ticket at:

Just click on “Submit a ticket”, and in “Category”, select “Smart Keyword Digger EAP”.

That’s it for the moment, we will be providing much more videos and insight into Smart Keyword Digger during the following weeks. Enjoy the video !

2 Responses to “Smart Keyword Digger – Sneak Peek”

  1. John Jarvis June 21, 2013 at 8:18 pm #

    Hello Juan.

    I am curious and looking forward to this, and
    your Online Software Club.

    I have spent up to 2 weeks doing keyword
    research and analysis in the past, and this
    may be something that will save a lot of time
    in that aspect.


    • Juan June 21, 2013 at 11:18 pm #

      Hi John,

      Thanks for stopping by.
      Smart Keyword Digger is extremely fast. We will be posting more material so you can see it in action in specific situations.
      I’m also answering you in the Help Desk.