Slideshow Video Maker Review

In a previous post (you can read it here) I mentioned that we launched Slideshow Video Maker to the market. Actually I should correct that, it was released to a small group of people that have been using video to achieve fantastic results, by implementing the Tube Raider system, designed by John Adams.
Since I acknowledge that the previous post might has been a little bit cryptic, let me tell you in greater detail about this piece of software.

What it does ?

Slideshow VIdeo Maker (SVM) was designed with the mission of helping regular people create video slideshow in basically no time, from a set of existing images.
You may ask, aren’t there a ton of software products that do exactly that ?
The answer my friend, is NO.
At least, not this fast, not this simple, not this cheap.
For instance, we are keeping track of the fastest completion time for a 30 seconds video, with at least 10 images.
I regret to say that my previous record of 132 seconds was recently broken by Luis, who now holds the new mark at 124 seconds. Don’t worry, I’ll be back stronger.

So let me give you a quick description on how to create a video slideshow with Slideshow Video Maker.

Creating a video in 5 simple steps

  1. Download a few images of your choice to a folder in your PC
  2. Run the software
  3. Select the images “source folder”
  4. Hit “Create Video
  5. Wait a few seconds. That’s it, the video is created.

Just that ?
Yes, just that.

Of course it has  some extra features:

  • You can create an “opening slide”, with a background image, and a text
  • You can create a “closing slide”, with a background image, and a text
  • You can select a background music or audio file
  • You can set a footer text for your video. You can use it like a watermark, so nobody steals our work

That could increase your production time up to 3-4 minutes. Nice, isn’t it ?

Who is it designed for ?

Slideshow VIdeo Maker is taylor made to suit the needs of Internet marketers. There is a thousand reasons why an Internet marketers could want to make a video slideshow. To mention a few:

  1. Impact videos
  2. Backlinks
  3. Youtube domination
  4. Universal search results

Whatever reason drives a marketer to video creation, what he needs is a simple, fast and cheap way to produce simple videos.
This tool does exactly that.

Where to get it ?

Right now, as of August 29th 2012, you can’t.
The pre-sale is now closed.
Slideshow Video Maker will see the light again in the Warrior Forum in a few weeks.
You will get the chance of getting a massive discount when the WSO goes online. Not only that, you will get a bonus so big, so huge that you will not believe it.
If you want to be notified the exact moment that Slideshow Video Maker goes live, please signup to the list below, and I’ll make sure you are not left in the dark.

Let me know how involved you are in video marketing. I’d love to know your experience and ideas.

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