Slideshow Video Maker – New Product Released!

A few months ago I bought an informational product on the Warrior Forum that was posted as a WSO (Warrior Special Offer).
I have bought a few products in the past, but is not something that I do all the time, mainly because Iā€™m a bit hard to impress.
The product was ā€œTube Raiderā€ and it really looked promising. The reviews were magnificent and I was really excited about it.
I will not get into details about it, but basically the course described how you can do to rank for your keyword using video and nothing else. Basically benefiting from the power of Youtube.
Great stuff.
I started testing the concepts and I quickly found myself in the need of creating lots and lots of videos.
Even when Tube Raider describes a simple way of creating Youtube videos, I felt that I needed something specially designed for my needs.

So we (my brother and I) started to developed a software tool to create a video slideshow as quickly as it was possible. The premise was to grab a few images, maybe add an intro slide, some audio and boom!!! You have a video.

So we did it.

And we started creating lots and lots of videos in no time. And we begun growing the Youtube channel of the business we were working on. Needless to say, it is a 100% white hat activity.

So at some point we realized that if this software was so great for us, a lot of people will probably benefit from it. We polished it a little bit, to get it ready for market.


We developed Slideshow Video Maker.

But we went one step further. We actually contacted John Adams, who is a Video Marketing Guru, and creator of Tube Raider, the very same course that drove us into Video Marketing, and that took the Internet by storm just a few months ago.

And guess what, he not only liked it, he loved it.
Now, Slideshow Video Maker is being release to the market by John Adams, and we are living a dream come true. John is handling the marketing process, but it will hit the big venues in the next 2 weeks.

Stay tuned for the latest info on SlideShowVideo Maker.

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