New Features For Partners – Custom Emails and Payment Integration

We couldn’t be happier with the response we had with the Slideshow Video Maker Partners program.
When we released the WSO we offered customers the chance to buy activation keys in bulk so they could resell for massive profit.
We delivered with each pack of activation keys, the ability to brand the software with your website, blog, course, etc.
We also included a way of managing those activation keys really quickly.

Nevertheless, we thought that something could be done to take things to the next level. So we talked to a lot of partners, and two recurring feature requests came on top of everything else:

1 – Email customization
2 – Automatic delivery of activation keys, upon reception of payment from their customers

I’m glad to say, that we are going live with both features today. So let me give you a quick introduction to these functions.

Email Customization

Until now, the system allowed you to enter your customer details, and then send a standard email to them, including their activation key.

It was really straightforward, and we dealt with all the details in our email server. But the major drawback was the inability to customize the email that your  customers will receive after they pay.

This has changed, now you can just adjust the email to your preference, and the system can STILL replace all data that is particular to each customer.

Take a look at this video because this is a really cool feature, and guess what ? It’s absolutely FREE.

So bring your inner Shakespeare out, and customize your Activation Key delivery email !

Payment Integration

This is our baby. We totally love this new feature.

As I explained before, the first system to deliver activation keys was really really good. It worked perfectly. However it suffered from one major disadvantage: you needed to get notified yourself of each incomming payment, in order to log in to the system, and trigger the delivery of activation keys yourself.

I can not begin to tell you how many times I was asked about this.

So we listened to our partners, and now we offer an awesome optional feature.

We basically set up a Payment Integration System that lets you do this:

  1. Create your PayPal button in PayPal
  2. Let our system make a minor adjustment on the code of the button  (we give you everything)
  3. Add the created button to your partner profile
  4. Insert the code on your site/blog/email

That’s it !!! You can forget about even logging into the system. It works like this:

  • As soon as you receive a new payment, our servers will get notified
  • The server  selects an unsed activation key
  • It composes the message to your customer and send it
  • Meanwhile, you can check your earnings in your PayPal account

Take a peak at it:

We are offering the Payment Integration System for a limited time for a flat fee of $2.99 a month.


That’s right, it doesn’t matter whether you sell 1, 10 or 500 activation keys each month. This is truly a crazy price.

What to expect next ?

We want to keep adding new services for partners so you can expect more features in the near future. And we are seriously thinking about releasing them for free (or at least many of them) to the partners that are already subscribed to the Payment Integration System that we are offering today. The idea is that you will pay a flat fee to access more and more features as time passes. Sounds cool doesn’t it ?

As always, remember that our help desk is open to take care of your questions or issues.

I hope you like this.



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