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Niche Site Building Guide – Introduction

  A few days ago Luis and I were discussing a few different alternatives about the direction that we wanted to give to the site for the upcoming weeks.  We feel that even when we have a lot to say about the products that we are developing (and already taking to market in the case [...]

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Keyword Research – Finding The Wrong Balance

Yes, I said “wrong” instead of “right”. Not a typo. Let me explain. With a few days of difference, I run into two very extreme and very opposite approaches to the criteria for selecting keywords for niche sites. The Clasical View The traditional take for keyword selection is to find a convenient balance between a [...]

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Criteria for Competition Analysis – Part 1

I have been receiving a few emails, asking me about the rating algorithm that our keyword tool uses to determine when competition is high, low, average, etc… While I’m not going to disclose the exact algorithm we are using on the software, I think that it’s important to have an open communication with readers and [...]

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competition analysis

Building the Ultimate Keyword Research Tool

Today I’d like to tell you about what drove us into building this blog. Me and my brother have been into Internet marketing for a while now, and since we were making keyword research on daily basis we decided that it was about time to automate the process. A Little Bit of Background We are [...]

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